How it All Started

I wanted to surprise my sister with a beautiful balloon hoop arrangement for her bridal shower. I spent weeks doing research and learning how to properly work with balloons to make custom colors, shapes and styles. The event was a success and we received so many compliments on the balloon hoop. The passion and want to keep doing this stuck, and the rest as they say is history! We are excited to share our passion and professional services with our clients.


Click and Go Items

We offer quick click and go items to surprise and delight anyone. These items can be found in our Shop section. Click and Go purchases typically have minimal customization options such as colors or specifying initials or age of recipient. Click and Go items are currently only available for local delivery or self pickup. Local deliveries are within an approximate 30 mile radius from 33837. Feel free to direct message us on our Instagram page for any Click and Go Items you would be interested in even if they don’t appear on our Shop section as we can build and customize balloon fixtures to your desired look and size up to 10 feet in length. Anything longer would be a Custom Service.

“Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon” – A.A Milne


Custom Services

We work with our clients to design and bring to life their custom balloon decor ideas. We provide a variety of balloon decoration services to make any moment or event eye-catching, memorable and “Instagram-able”. We’ll design for proposals, engagements, weddings, gender reveals, retirements, birthdays, baby showers, corporate functions or any other milestone and special occasion.

All of our balloon services are custom-made and designed to fit our clients’ style and color scheme. The following balloon decoration services are available:

  • Garlands longer than 5ft
  • Columns
  • Balloon hoops
  • Balloon Walls
  • Table arches
  • Floor arches
  • Teddy bear on a cloud or holding balloons
  • “Hot Air” balloons basket
  • Hotel room decorating

If you do not see a particular service listed above, please submit an inquiry via our “Contact Us” section. We would love to setup a consultation.



Where possible, we strive to use 100% biodegradable latex balloons. Foil balloons are not biodegradable, but they are re-usable. Always be mindful when disposing of balloons that you remove any ribbons or extra materials before placing in waste bins.

In order to make your balloons look their best, we will often double-stuff our balloons to give them a custom color and look. During your consultations, be mindful that computer and phone screens can give off different hues when referencing a particular color for your event and may look different in person.


Proud PEBA Member

Prism Balloons is committed to eliminating the deliberate release of balloons along with educating others on responsible balloon usage and proper disposal. Any helium balloons will be presented to our clients with balloon weights. We ask that you properly dispose of your used latex or foil balloons. If your services include breakdown/pick-up, we will happily dispose of used balloons.


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