Custom Services Refund Policy

We will provide a refund only if:

-Balloons pop in our vehicle during transportation and we cannot replace them upon arriving at your residence or event venue.
-Balloons pop in transition from our vehicle to event area and they cannot be replaced due to no extra inventory on hand.
-Refunds are subject to the amount of impacted balloons or service. For example- if one foil balloon pops or deflates and it cannot be replaced, the refund will solely be for that foil balloon.

We will NOT provide a refund if:
-Balloons pop for any reason once our team has left the event premises. This can include but is not be limited to: being left outside in heat for long period of time, guests or children with jewelry or sharp objects coming in contact with balloons, balloons brushing against grass, trees, brick walls or other surfaces and items that would cause balloons to pop or deflate or if other guests, vendors or staff of the venue in which your event occurs pops your balloons accidentally or intentionally without your permission.

Generally if balloons pop when in client’s possession, please note it will not be Prism Balloon’s responsibility.


Any special terms, prices, discounts or exceptions agreed upon between Prism Balloons LLC and their clients within a signed contract (proposal) will supersede any policies, conditions or terms expressed in our website.

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